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Suite Integrity Travel
"We don't do boring"


If we've never met in-person, then you may be wondering, "what's happening, here?"


Like many people, the last few years have been full of surprises - exciting, in a literal sense, for better or for worse. So, I'm taking inventory of what's happened, and the 15+ lives that I've lived over the last decade.  I'm taking a sabbatical, restructuring my businesses, learning new skills, and exploring underappreciated interests. This is my primary focus until I'm satisfied. I'm only taking on passion-projects and things that stoke my inner zest for life, until further notice.

In July 2022, I lost my father. And I'm realizing that I NEED a more integrated life. One lived on my own terms.


Before he passed, my father helped me create Bigg Dreams, the company that now serves as my business management and consulting firm.  Suite Integrity continues to be a travel consultancy firm, but now specializes in spiritual retreats and ultra-luxury travel experiences (private jets, private islands, private chefs, bespoke experiences). I'm now a Hounsi in voodoo and I study and perform alchemical rituals and spell-work, as well as enchant talismans. And, I'm a founding member of The Venus Society. All of that needs to be more holistically and intentionally integrated into my daily life and goals. So, I may be designing and escorting some trips for specific spiritual purposes.


But, that's really just scratching the surface and being deliberately vague. Life has been full, and is ready to overflow.  Sometime soon, let's collaborate and see if we can build something beautiful and worthwhile together with the excess. But in the meantime, I'm taking it easy and counting my blessings. Although I'm regularly adding to my portfolio of past trips, web design, marketing, and all that jazz has to wait.  Instead, if you have questions or want to plant seeds for future collaboration, just shoot me an email.


Rosalind Bigg
Hounsi Ta Oyo

Lady Serabi Efua

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