Time is TBD | Zoom Cocktail Soirée

Doreen's Surprise 60th Birthday Soirée: "This Is Your Life, Doreen!"

Join us for drinks and laughs with Doreen Bring a cocktail and your fondest memories
Doreen's Surprise 60th Birthday Soirée: "This Is Your Life, Doreen!"

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Time is TBD
Zoom Cocktail Soirée

About the event

Welcome to the *secret* 🤫 😎 RSVP page for:

This is your life, Doreen!

Please help us to make it an amazing event, for her!  If you have some you're willing to share with us, we're collecting pictures, stories, interviews, and such to be compiled into video montages and home accents as gifts to her for an ongoing birthday present! We'll make and send updated versions of it to her, seasonally throughout the year. 😊  We'll be mailing tokens of gratitude to contributors, akin to virtual door-prizes, randomly throughout the year, too! 💖  

Email us (admin@suiteintegrity.com) to set up an interview, or for help with sending media for the presentation.  And...


THANK YOU for being part of her life - our lives. Thank you for well-wishes, prayers, positive vibes, strength, growth, support, and more types of love and energy exchange than we could possibly enumerate! And, thank you for being with us in this moment to honor and celebrate Doreen's life, and to wish her many more joyous and love-filled years. 🙏🏾💖  Doreen really is an amazing woman, and your presence in this space speaks to that because YOU'RE amazing!  Birds of a feather, and all that jazz! So, "thank you" and "isn't Doreen awesome?!?!" *LOL*

We'll be in touch! And rememeber, it's a surpise... 🤫 🙏🏾 💞

With love, gratitude, and the warmest of regards,

Doreen's spawn *lol*

(Fulera, Kiara, Natalie, and Aliyah ❤️)

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